Place to buy pink foam in Portland  Links to a lot of kit manufacturers.

Latex tubes


Aerotech (Warbirds)

Aerosphere - Some classic Airtronics kits

Aeroworks Scale Aerobatics

Airflair Sport Planes

American Eagle Large Scale WW2 (Their site is no longer working)

Arizona Models Scale WW1

Aztec Air (Classic Pattern)

Bluejay (Bridi) (Vintage Pattern)

Bruce Tharpe Engineering (Balsa Sport Kits)

Carl Goldberg (Sport and Scale)

D&L Designs Sport Planes

Dynaflite (Sport and Scale)

Early Models (Classic and 1/2a)

Eureka (Classic Pattern)

Extream Flight RC Scale Aerobatics

Flair (UK) Scale and Sport

Gee Bee Kits - Contact Tower Hobbies

Great Planes (Sport and Scale)

Hobby Hangar (Scale and Sport)

Hobby Lobby (Sport and Trainer)

Home and Hobby Solutions (Classic Pattern)

House of Balsa (Small Scale and Sport)

Ikonwst (Giant Scale)

Iron Bay (Giant Scale)

Jack Stafford (Large Scale)

Juno RC Prop-Jets

Lanier A little bit of everything

Matney Models Racing planes (Q500)

Meister Scale WW2 Warbirds

Morris Hobbies (Profiles and Fun Fly)

Northeast Aerodynamics Sport Planes (Re-kit of the Pica Dualist)

Ohio Model Products (Flyin Things and Profiles)

Page Aviation (Gee Bee)

Proctor (Museum quality WW1 Scale)

Sig (Sport and Scale)

Select Hobbies 1/2a stuff

Skyshark RC (Warbird and Sport)

Sunset Models Scale (SR71, OV-10 Bronco etc)

Swaneys Hangar Profile and Fun-fly planes

Top Flite (Sport and Scale)

Top Notch Kits

VK (WW1 Scale)

Wing Manufacturer WW2 Warbirds

Yellow Aircraft Giant Scale WW2 and Jets