Flying Sites


There are two types of sites - Flying sites and contest sites.

Flying Sites are listed below and you are welcome to fly at them if you have a PASS membership, with an AMA membership for insurance purposes.

Contest Sites are locations that will only be listed on the event main page for directions. Contest directors have arranged with land owners for use. To preserve these relationships, most land owners do not appreciate strangers showing up and trespassing. If you fly at a contest, please do not assume that we can fly at these sites, as we will.

Please respect our flying sites. All of these sites have taken years to establish. These sites require often a PASS membership and an AMA membership by the property owners for liability issues. Contact PASS for info on how to get involved so that we can work together with the owners or government agencies, to continue to use these sites.

Thank you.

Slope Soaring Sites:

Thermal Soaring Sites:

We use several different fields for thermal duration flying.  The farm and field are always changing.  The farmer makes a living from the crops grown on these fields and are kind enough to let us fly from them.

If you would like to learn where the farm is and specifically which field is acceptable to fly from please attend a meeting or call the club president.  His number is listed in multiple places in this web site.

When people fly from fields that are not designated flying fields, it makes the farmer unhappy, damages crops, and increases the risk for our club to loose the privilege of flying from the fields.