By Amy Pool, Contest Coordinator

Every year at the PASS Outing in January we present awards to the pilots with the best, most consistent, most committed participation in the previous season in several categories.  Some changes have been made to simplify the rules for 2009 for the Overall Season Championship.  Here’s a brief description of how the season points work.

The Categories of Awards

February Floaters – Every contest in the February Floater series counts towards a pilot’s score.

Hand Launch Season Championship – A pilot’s score is based on his best 5 contests of the season.

F5B Season Championship – A pilot’s score is based on his best 4 contests of the season.

Slope Season Championship – This award is only given in years where at least 3 slope races occur, and only slope
races, not slope combat, apply toward this award. 65% of the number of races which occur, rounded to the nearest whole number, is used as the number of contests applied to a pilot’s score.

Overall Season Championship – This is an endurance event. The pilots who do best are those that fly in many different types of events, and you don’t necessarily need to win the events to win the overall season championship. A pilot’s score is based on:

The Details
For a contest to count, at least 3 pilots must participate, though they do not have to all be PASS members.
A first place finish earns 20 points, a second place finish earns 19 points, and so on.
A person must be a member of PASS during 2009 to qualify for awards.
That’s about it. The best strategy for doing well is to fly a lot and have fun. See you out there!


Competition Rules and Scoring (work in progress)

The following information is from this document:

Competition Regulations
Rules Governing Model Aviation
Competition in the United States
Radio Control Soaring

13. Thermal Soaring Tasks:

13.1: Task T1—International Duration.
13.2: Task T2—Simple Duration.
13.3: Task T3—Precision Duration.
13.4: Task T4—Cumulative Duration.
13.5: Task T5—Precision.
13.6: Task T6—Triathlon.
13.7: Task T7—Distance.
13.8: Task T8—Speed.