Thermal Death Match


The Coveted "Take Your Best Shot Glass"

The Ultimate Thermal Dueling Contest

The task: two pilots launch at the same time, last one down before the 20 minute Max wins the duel, if they
both fly twenty minutes.  The pair launch again to fly another twenty minutes. If twenty minutes is achieved
again then the landing on the second twenty minute flight will determine the winner of the duel.
2 minutes will be allowed after the second twenty minute flight to land. Over 2 min you lose.

This is a duel elimination contest. loose twice and go home with your tail between your legs and
a smile on your face, cause you weren't home mowing the lawn!

The Rules
You may fly any type of Sailplane in any duel (No Power DUH)
You may not change planes during a duel
Any gadget may be used (telemetry system, piccalario, etc) what ever you need to keep it up!
Beginning flight order will be by luck off the draw
20 min max flight times, landing on 2nd 20min flight will break tie.
2 minutes will be allowed after the second 20 minute flight to land
No hitting your opponent with your plane or big sticks.
No biting, scratching ,clawing etc.
Extreme Laughter joking and camaraderie expected.
Your Plane and Hot air are your only weapons!


CD: David Portwood
503-381-6992 cell
Location: Willamette Turf Farm