Chehalem Mountain Slope Site
North of Newberg, OR

Location Summary:

Access: The Entire Week Mon-Sun

Landing Area Quality: LZ is across the street from flying area. You must cross a barbed-wire fence. One approach only due to telephone lines and barbed-wire fence.

Hazards in the area: Trees, barbed-wire fence, horses.

Directions to the site:

North of Newberg, or South of Hillsboro on Hwy 219

Take Mountaintop Road West for about 1.5 miles.

Site is just west of antennae farm.

Review of the site:

Lots of wind in winter from S or SW. Hang-gliders on occasion. Trees limit the ability to make close passes. Not a great hill, but close to home.



This description was provided courtesy of Pat Chewning.