McKinley Ridge Slope Soaring Site
East of Battleground, WA

Location Summary:

- Country: USA
- City: Battle Ground
- State: WA
- Site Name: McKinley Ridge
- Type: Slope
- Skill: Intermediate
- Wind: East, West

- Access: The Entire Week Mon-Sun
- Landing Area Quality: LZ is small, grass and surrounded by trees. Multiple passes are possible though.
- Hazards in the area: The usual trees. The road in is the biggest hazard.

Directions to the site:


Review of the site:

This place can be flown from one side in the morning and the other side in the afternoon. Very consistent winds, just not ever sure which side they will be on. Huge lift, great views of the mountains, out in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Snowed in for the winter. This is a great place to fly, but a lousy place to drive to. I usually try to mooch a ride when I go here.

We have held really great slope races here. Don P. did his 3hr LSF level IV slope flight here. One winter, we came up, went as far as the snow allowed, flew around for awhile, and when we came back there were mountain lion tracks all around our cars.

This description was provided courtesy of Pat Chewning.